Thursday, January 8, 2015

A new year, a new focus

In the course of 2014 I found myself unable and unwilling to continue with R010R. There were personal deaths, there was technical malfunctions, there was a deep foreboding as I read and researched many things going on politically throughout the world. I felt lost at sea, with crashing waves around me and some relentless leviathan lurking beneath the rotting wooden boat. I could not hold on to my ideas of solidity, I could not express how I felt sonically. It was too overburdened. I needed to step way the fuck back and allow the scene to refocus.
Today, the first week of the new year 2015 I am starting to see solid forms manifest again. Now I am out of the water, and maybe crouched, stalking something in a low light cave or freeway underpass. Now I am ready to let these words flow into the already constructed songs that make up the "Unyielding", album. I did not give up. I needed to re-evaluate and reinforce.

Our world is a beautiful and frightening place. There are truths out there that will dismantle the core of your beliefs. Morals and values redefined without your knowledge. Disinformation disseminated on such a global scale that there is little hope of ever cutting through it to the meaty bloody facts. Yet people are still doing this. People are still persisting and investigating. Even when they are told to cease and desist. Even when they are threatened or humiliated. Or ignored. Or persecuted and banished from their very lives.
"Unyielding", is my emotional response to them. It is my interpretation of brutalism in music and society. Function over form. Laying out the truth like huge slabs of concrete and hoping against all hope that it will defend us. Using a juxtaposition of big sounds and slow rhythms to reinforce the theme. With radio messages and obscure noisescapes beneath it all. Always saying something but mostly indecipherable. Like a time capsule opened centuries after the race was decimated and forgotten.

What will be said about us in another 100 years? Another 1000 years? From that first day of our birth, we begin to count out the days until we die. Our bodies slowly breaking down while our spirits and our minds expand to unknown quantification. We are cursed in way, to only be able to focus on a small window of time. Our lifetimes. Gathering huge piles of shit around us, taking shit from other people, giving shit to our kids so they can gather more shit and continue the cycle. We call that success. Hoarding over our glorious piles of shit while our spirits lay hungry and dissatisfied.
The fact is, you cannot take it with you. You die, your shit remains on earth. You did nothing of value with your life. You did nothing of value to assist your race. You did nothing to improve the species. You just wasted time and you hurt and exploited your fellow man.

We are racing towards a precipice. There has to be a change or we are going over the edge.This is inevitable.

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