Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New split EP with "Tactil Vision" coming soon

Currently in the studio, I have created 2 brand new tracks and I am working ona  remix for a forthcoming EP with Tactil Vision. Details at this point are spare, but it will feature 6 tracks total. 3 of Tactil, and 3 of R010R. Two tracks will be a remix trade and the other four are originals. Here is a taste of the new track, working title "Suspend".


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Urban Renewal Program EP

Out on Sept 15 -my birthday] is the new offering from R010R:

The new release features 4 new tracks and a fabulous DSX re-interpretation.

Also I had an exciting promo campaign put together by myself and film-maker Anna Spence. You can see the results here:
miniclip-1 http://youtu.be/4FzWfemOq7U 
miniclip-2 http://youtu.be/yem8loWFnsI
miniclip-3 http://youtu.be/v7FdZWXDLY4
miniclip-4 http://youtu.be/8jUhw-C8vEs
miniclip-5 http://youtu.be/8QhuVayTZUY
miniclip-6 http://youtu.be/eB4CgOXWXJE
miniclip-7 http://youtu.be/oZipzteZNZw
And you can check out more of Anna's brilliant work here:

Monday, April 23, 2012


Excellent special limited edition box set of the "Flatliner" EP on red/translucent vinyl. Silk-screened artwork & insert.
+t-shirt [hand made by the band] Excellent quality [Gilden t-shirt] Silk-screened artwork.
The ultimate fan pack:

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Seems like it has been quiet lately, but that is because I have been very busy. Around the beginning of the year I decided to explore another sound. Last year I really got into dubstep, and all the different variations of that sound. From the heavily edited digital stuff, to the very analog "dub" style garage demo music. And everything in-between.

One thing I noticed during this, was how much early dubstep and what is now being called post-dubstep, has in common with EBM. Similar drum sound approaches. Very bass laden with a sort of junk garage etiquette. I wanted to see how well I could sort-of mash them together.

The new EP is called Urban Renewal Program. It will be on BandCamp soon. Free, because that is how I roll. :P

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Anna Spence featured at two Film galas

My friend and artistic colleague Anna Spence [http://www.anna-spence.com] just shared some great news with me. Our collaborative video "Memory Lapse", has been accepted at the Wonderroot’s Generally Local Mostly Independent Filmmaker’s Night exhibition. This will be great reception and promotion for her work, as well as my own. Very excited about it.

Then she just received news that she was accepted into the Experimental category for the Atlanta Film Festival! This time the highlighted video's are "Let's Get Ostracized", from the collaborative THE.ATTACK.silence project, and "Memory Lapse", our latest collaboration.

Cheers Anna! These are some well deserved victories for your work :D

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year

I am very excited this month :D
2 of my colleagues have released albums that are really excellent. They also both feature remixes from R010R!

BentWithLight - Endtime features a re-interpretation of the track "Under The Sky", with my own lyrics and vocals added in:

Industrial influenced post-punk/metal

1. Dead Heaven 06:04
2. From The Sky 05:10
3. WarHeadz 05:05
4. Enthroned 05:48
5. The Harder They Fall 06:06
6. FutuRepercussions 05:06
7. SubMerged 06:19
8. Becoming 04:20
9. Last Stand 05:00
10. From The Sky [augmented by RO1OR]

Limited CDr release or digital-available at BandCamp

Then LowHero.DLL released "Worse Than Digital". An epic extended EP. I did a dirty dubstep version of the track "Roman Holiday", that turned out pretty neat:

Loaded with ominous electro bass lines, strong rhythms, and edgy, noisy synths, LowHero.DLL continues to find some gray area between catchy pop song and the proverbial head-thumper.

1. Annihilation Dance 05:22
2. Worse Than Digital 04:37
3. Chartreuse 05:58
4. The Ballad 04:08
5. Roman Holiday 05:37
6. Annihilation Dance (Remixed by Type001) 04:37
7. Unique Perspective ("Pristine" remix by Polluted) 06:56
8. Worse Than Digital (Testube Treatment) 06:17
9. Roman Holiday (Wreckstep Remix by R010R) 05:25
10. Chartreuse (Remixed by Digital Dirt Heads) 05:26
11. Unique Perspective 04:14
12. Much Worse (Outro) 01:39

Limited CDr release or digital available at BandCamp