Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy New Year

I am very excited this month :D
2 of my colleagues have released albums that are really excellent. They also both feature remixes from R010R!

BentWithLight - Endtime features a re-interpretation of the track "Under The Sky", with my own lyrics and vocals added in:

Industrial influenced post-punk/metal

1. Dead Heaven 06:04
2. From The Sky 05:10
3. WarHeadz 05:05
4. Enthroned 05:48
5. The Harder They Fall 06:06
6. FutuRepercussions 05:06
7. SubMerged 06:19
8. Becoming 04:20
9. Last Stand 05:00
10. From The Sky [augmented by RO1OR]

Limited CDr release or digital-available at BandCamp

Then LowHero.DLL released "Worse Than Digital". An epic extended EP. I did a dirty dubstep version of the track "Roman Holiday", that turned out pretty neat:

Loaded with ominous electro bass lines, strong rhythms, and edgy, noisy synths, LowHero.DLL continues to find some gray area between catchy pop song and the proverbial head-thumper.

1. Annihilation Dance 05:22
2. Worse Than Digital 04:37
3. Chartreuse 05:58
4. The Ballad 04:08
5. Roman Holiday 05:37
6. Annihilation Dance (Remixed by Type001) 04:37
7. Unique Perspective ("Pristine" remix by Polluted) 06:56
8. Worse Than Digital (Testube Treatment) 06:17
9. Roman Holiday (Wreckstep Remix by R010R) 05:25
10. Chartreuse (Remixed by Digital Dirt Heads) 05:26
11. Unique Perspective 04:14
12. Much Worse (Outro) 01:39

Limited CDr release or digital available at BandCamp

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