R010R [pronounced: roh-ter] [definition: evolved electro]

Imagine the intensity of harsh electro harnessed at it’s peak. Heavy complex rhythms, sweeping pads and intricate melodies layered with aggressive vocals and a tough dose of noise, IDM, and experimental textures and slowly watch the music evolve/ replicate/decay/destroy the senses. Thus is R010R, initialized during the summer of 2005. However, this is not an immature project. Michael Renfield, the sole composer and musician for R010R, has been doing electronic music for over a decade.

Best known for his activities in the electro/industrial band Noise Process, and publishing remixes and compilation appearances under the Noise Process and re:course project names. Michael has been infecting the electro scene effectively for some time. R010R’s aim is to gather all that has been learned and experienced about music and structure and focus it all into one project, negating the boundaries set by styles and genre’s. Evolved electro is a description, not a genre name.

[hardware gear list]
KORG MS2k, Access Virus B, Novation X-Station, Clavia Nord 2, 4ms R010Rswash, Livid Block
[software gear list]
Cubase SX.3, NI Reaktor, NI Battery 2, NI Acoustik Piano, TOGU Elek7ro II, NovaKILL  VSTs, Cakewalk Z3ta+, GMEDIA impOSCar,  GRM fxs, D-Blue Glitch, Super Destroy FX, OHMforce fxs,  E-Phonic fxs,  TC Electronic NATIVE fxs, VahallaFreqEcho, Tweakbench FXs.