Saturday, October 31, 2009

Recording Journal [October]

R010R - End.Of.All.Reason
[progress report]

01. the writers cage [100%]
02. acculturation problem [100%]
03. abstraction algorithm [100$]
04. shadow of a doubt [95%]
05. DIST embodied [100%]
06. this was escape [100%]
07. trust in decay [95%]
08. brilliant decline [100%]
09. idiom [90%]
10. dead pulsar [100%]
11. en force [95%]
12. suicide pact [90%]
13. a thousand year deceit [95%]
14. untitled [80%]
15. our collapsed star [95%]

Main focus is lyrics and vocals for "idiom", completion of vocals for "suicide pact", and decision on vocals or instrumental for the untitled track. Everything else at 90-95% is just attention to detail production items. I am going to start sending the completed tracks for mastering to further the process and attempt to make the end of 2009 release date. I do not want to rush anything, but I want to get this LP out as soon as I can. However I will not compromise ideas and if this means the LP is delayed until I am happy with specifics, so be it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Recording Journal Week...uh. I lost count :P

Been so damn busy I have not been able to keep up with the journal. I did some remixes, an exclusive R010R track and an exclusive Advent Dawn track for some compilations. When they are released I will get more info.

For now though, I have no new images, but I have a track off the album for you to hear at: [yes I misspelled algorithm, I tired to fix it but Soundcloud edit will not budge.]

There you can also get a taste of my brand new minimal electro indie rock en devour "Chinese Sheetrock!"

More info soon. I promise this time. The album is almost completed and I am working on figure out a schedule with Ingo for mastering it. Time flies though, and I am deeply into US politics and our national situation. Anger makes great Industrial content..