As a forward: I have been battling with the idea of playing live again as a solo effort for a couple years. My biggest issue is that I find most electronic music very boring live. I could easily get the laptop loaded with R010R tracks, set up my live vocal FX, and a synth controller or two and replicate the R010R experience live. But I think that would be kinda boring. I much rather play instruments live than be a frontman again [those of you that know me, know I did that already for years] also booking shows and starting the circuit again opening for bands that I likely will not care for is not appealing at all. Basically I want to play live again, without all the drama that situation usually entails.

So I have decided to keep R010R as a studio project mostly and create a brand new project of sorts just to play live. This is where my Briefcase Noise project is born. Maybe later i'll come up with a more clever title, but for now it is basic and I am building the idea.

It starts with basic sounds. For this project I want everything to be analog and
rather simple.


2 oscillators (sawtooth, square)
1 square suboscillator, audio input
ringmodulator, oscillator sync
2 adsr-envelope generators
voltage controlled 24 db/oct lowpassfilter (vcf)
83 user memory locations
step sequencer with up to 32 steps (20 memory locations)


9 analogue instruments [kick, snare, clap, tom, cowbell, crash, hat]
step-sequencer with 16 steps 
25 controls for attack, decay, tone etc.
bass drum programmable in two lengths
tom/conga programmable in three pitches
memory locations for 72 patterns and 8 songs

That is how it starts. Pretty cheap cost-wise and very basic and simple. With this set up I could make some neat synth pop stuff :P Which is why the next step is to add the noise!

The R010R Noise Swash

it really cannot be described. It has distortion capabilities, and it makes noise. Mine is fully tweaked out with all the extras. There is a sample here the Swash comes in about 1:25.

The Flower Electronics "Little Boy Blue"

2 voltage controlled ramp (sawtooth) oscillators
1/4" input with variable gain
envelope follower with optional inverter
2 channel mixer
inter-modulating output stage
powder-coated aluminum case

It really does not look like much. But do not let it fool you. This thing is sick. I want it SOO bad. It is the next thing on my list to buy. You can see it in action here

That is really all I would need to get started. 3 units each about 400$ 

I would probably add a delay stomp box like the MXR Carbon Copy because it is awesome and it is small. Maybe a small mixer if it becomes apparent I need it. The whole idea of modules is supposed to be portable. I am looking at putting them into a Hardigg Storm watertight case


That way I can fit everything in a  protected case for gigging on the fly. I can arrange a walk-in to a regular open mic night somewhere. Just open the lid, plug in, and already be making noise. Stay tuned as I gather the ingredients and put this shit in motion.

-------------------Update Sept 2010------------------------
Changed my mind about the MFB synth and I am going for a DSI Mopho instead.