Thursday, November 18, 2010

Reaching Out

No rest for the wicked..really.

This is my remix of Front Line Assembly for the contest over at FIXT. Sign up and vote if you enjoy it. There are several other great artists that participated as well. Check out the list and be amazed :D

Next in line, I have been experimenting with a new sound. Melding sludge metal-noise-and dubstep elements to create something new.

So I am going to work on and release a special digital EP before I worry about releasing the 2nd R010R LP. Right now it is shaping up to be around 6 tracks. I might ask some people to drop a remix or two for it.

The average BPM for the tracks is about 110, so they are going to be really slow moving and fucked up noisy. Think like Scorn. The vocals are like metal though, really drawn out screaming, reminiscent of Neurosis.

To be honest, I have never felt so free before writing music. I am tearing down all ideas of fitting into a genre, just doing what I hear in my head and what I feel is not being done by anyone else. I think in another month or two this should be ready to drop on BandCamp. I'll do an update with some clips in a couple weeks.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Potholes in the road to salvation

There has been a set-back in the album release date. Ingo has decided to move locations within Germany this year, and opportunity has opened up for him and he wishes to strike while the iron is hot. This means it is very difficult to work on music at all, and the work on his kAlte fArben album and my mastering sessions have been put on hold until further notice.

In the mean time I have been working on audio experiments and remixes on the SoundCloud platform. Visit and you can hear a finalized R010R track, a remade LVX Occulta track, a few remixes, a new Advent Dawn experiment, and much more.

Currently I have been working on remixes for SITD and Testube. I always find it very difficult to work on music in the summer, but rest assured, when the weather gets cooler I will be hacking away at the noise again. Thank you for listening.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

R010R feat. I, Parasite and 50 cent!

The long silence has ended. The 2nd campaign of R010R, the hybrid noise/evolved electro music project returns with a vengeance in true 21st century form.

The new digi-single DIST embodied will prepare you for the upcoming LP. DIST embodied is a collaborative track between R010R & I, Parasite. Featuring Christopher Jon's unique vocal style over extremely addictive and accessible electro-industrial music. Two mixes are available in this release. Accompanied by two more "b-side", tracks. This idea was taken directly from the golden age of industrial music. Where singles and exclusive b-sides could hold their own in the annals of our rusted history. The additions, Resistance and Self-Preservation were finished and made exclusive for this release. Resistance is the last working track of the group Noise Process. Completely redesigned and remixed for this project. Self-Preservation was cut off the forthcoming album End.Of.All.Reason which is already full at 77min. A lot of work was put into all of these tracks, Im sure you will notice the detail. Once again, everything was mastered by Ingo Beitz of kAlte fArben for specific qualities and intentions.

Oh yeah!? You are wondering where 50 cent fits in here. Well the tracks are available exclusively at [starting 03-01-2010]where you will find them in any digital format you wish for a mere 50 cents USD each. So you can get this entire digi-single directly from me for a measly $2 USD. This will not be on any other digital aggregators, and thus I appreciate any promotions you may do on your own telling your friends and colleagues about the release. All proceeds are going into the production of the new LP CD and it's special edition packaging.

will be released this summer and takes great lengths to build on the sounds and ideas of R010R.