Monday, December 19, 2011

Distorted Dreams

A new R010R remix has been published. Scoping out my foray into hybrid dubstep I remixed Controlled Collapse on his single for Prisoner. Now he has released the EP and it is really excellent!

01 - prisoner (mental cage mix)
02 - beg for your life (unspoken)
03 - monster
04 - prisoner (R010RZD)
05 - venture
06 - have you ever... (remixed by switchface)
07 - prisoner (destructed by detuned distruction)
08 - history
09 - halloween (heavy metal)
info: Digital only EP!
release date: 01.12.11!

You can pick it up digitally on iTunes, Emusic, or Amazon

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Enter Curxes

I don't usually post about other artists on my blog. In this case however I feel I need to make an exception.

I really got into doing music because I love listening to and especially discovering new music. There are so many bands out there, it's really mind boggling. So when a band stands out of the crowd I always feel compelled to spread the work. To get people out of their shells and LISTEN.

Curxes is a band I can really relate to. They seem to take all the elements of 80's electro and goth music, breath new life into it, and then present it in an original way. I have always had a soft spot for British bands anyhow. Everyone knows my favourite band is COIL. I have made it pretty obvious. When I was growing up though I was also huge into the goth rock movement. Siouxsie, Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, The Cure [come on, only a communist or a person without a soul would not like The Cure, and i'm not even really certain about the communist] I also really got into what is now considered synth rock or synthpop. Duran Duran, Ultravox, Gary Numan, Soft Cell, and Depeche Mode. I just fucking love music really.

Somewhere here I lost my point.

Oh yeah- the other day I heard this track:

And I was completely blown away. The first thing that hit me is that immense synth bass pad thing. Totally sounds analog and it is so overwhelming. I love it. Then the vocalist comes in. Has this brilliant style and sense of melody. The two parts really contrast and compliment each other. I quickly found that this combination was present on every single track. Especially "Spires", where it is just that immense atmosphere along side the vocals. Gripping track really. I get chills.
Spires by CURXES

So really, enough bullshitting around. I just wanted to show my immense support for this band. My utmost gratitude that they sent me a CD and my best wishes for their long and successful journey into the music world. I am very happy to have discovered Curxes and their art.

Monday, October 10, 2011

studio update

Two new R010R tracks-in-process have populated on SoundCloud:
R010R- One[demo] by soillodge
R010R-ten-DAYBREAK[work_in_progress] by soillodge

Both from the forthcoming EP that I will get around to releasing eventually.

I also have been working on some collaborations and remixes. One of which i recently finished and dropped on SC for a free download to help promote the band Icy Lions

ICY LIONS - Karate Kick [R010RSTEP] by soillodge

...back to the dungeon of noise...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time waits for no man.

September 30th will be a collaborative revelation.


The names really do not matter to be honest. The idea is the goal here.
"THE ATTACK.silence is a unique experiment involving the forceful birth of collaborative audial and visual endeavors while deliberately bypassing industry norms of raising the originators involved to a higher stature than the creations, themselves." [J/Trafford]

Exclusively available from SUBSPINE records on Sept 30th

Enjoy this brilliant vid for "Let's Get Ostracized", The teaser single that accompanies TA.s

realized by Atlanta-based film artist Anna Spence.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Noise Briefcase [revisited]

I made a significant step forward in the realization of the "Noise Briefcase", idea. I have acquired a KORG Monotribe to accompany the DSI Mopho for sound generation duties.

An ingenious little device that combines and 808 sounding drum machine with a nasty little MS style synth. On it's own, you can make some great- though rather simplistic retro-sounding minimal electro pieces.

Run through a 4ms Noise Swash though the sound gets completely wicked.

Monday, August 15, 2011

THE ATTACK.silence

Check this out!

Let's Get Ostracized is the beginning of a collaborative effort between myself, J. Trafford [Suavity's Mouthpiece], and Steven Wymer [noisiV litcaT]. The project was realized through the Subspine Records forum where several different musicians have been meeting, discussing ideas, and collaborating. You can hear some of these creations on my SoundCloud page.

Natures Revenge!

Well, it has been a shitty month or so. First the old PC from 2003 finally died. I have had to rebuild everything with a new motherboard-which is kinda cool because it is an upgraded system. However it was very difficult because my RAM was no longer the same and the new motherboard is all SATA when the old one was IDE. SO I had to change things around. Get some adapters. Also I had to buy a new copy of Windows XP-Because I am still using such an old copy of Cubase :P I like the work-flow, what can I say. Not like my music has been suffering even though i'm not using shiny new Ableton or Logic.

Anyhow, then it rained like hell this weekend and the studio flooded :O

All the gear was up high, so nothing was really damaged. A few pieces got wet and I am waiting for them to get completely dry before I mess with them. Overall I think it was damn lucky. The real drama was that I had allotted this weekend to get several projects done and I was unable to do so. Now I have to wait for next weekend because the basement is all musty and uncomfortable. Going to air it out and get it together during this week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Splinter interests

Been very busy. First thing, I am very excited to announce the Japan relief effort compilation "Pale Blue Dot":
  • Track Listing:
    1. Collide - Crushed
    2. Avi Ghosh - All That's Left Of Us
    3. Advent Dawn - A Portrait in Mind
    4. My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Death Threat
    5. Mankind Is Obsolete - Picking at the Scab (Live Mix by Sylvia Massy)
    6. Abrasions - All Ashes
    7. I, Parasite - White
    8. Prometheus Burning - Invisible Enemy
    9. Roughhausen - A Momentary Lapse
    10. Android Lust - Man Descends
    11. kAlte fArben - Braintrashed Love
    12. R010R - Exogenesis
    13. Anthony Baldino - Small Distances
    14. Explosives for Her Majesty - Frayed
    You can get the comp HERE. The track I did with Ingo "A Portrait In Mind", is on here, as well as the brand new R010R track "Exogenesis", I made especially for this compilation. The bands and songs on this album are very impressive. I am really enjoying it and really happy to be able to help out Japan in their crisis.
    Around the same time as this comp I have also been working on a few collaborative efforts. You can hear and download a couple of them at Soundcloud.
    monochrome dream by soillodge

Also working on a special collaborative single with noisiV litcaT and Suavity's Mouthpiece. As well as a new side project with a fantastic new vocalist where we are tackling some cover tracks of IAMX, Bats for Lashes, Siouxie & the Banshees, Joy Division, and Woven Hand. More info on that in the coming month.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rising Sun

Been a long and quiet winter for me musically. Nothing new has spawned until now. The EP is still in the works and the completed LP is still in the waiting line for a mastering treatment. No new news in those fields.

There will be some new music released from me soon though in the form of a couple Japanese Relief effort compilations. I used to be in the US military, and I was stationed in Yokosuka Japan for three years. I lived out in the city and traveled Japan as much as I possibly could. I actually started writing my own music during this time so the country has always been close to me and in my thoughts. Right now my heart goes out to them. I am watching the unfolding events through NHK World and the military website Stars & Stripes.

I am submitting R010R- Pro-Right. An exclusive track that I created for the ill-fated Zero Demographic compilation. Then for another comp I have submitted the completed Advent Dawn track "A Portrait in Mind". Again, Advent Dawn is a project between myself and Ingo Beitz of kAlte fArben fame.

I was also inspired to create a brand new track due to all the emotions and my reaction to the events. Here is a WIP demo of what I am doing:

I will post more info and artwork for the comps when I receive more information.