Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Rising Sun

Been a long and quiet winter for me musically. Nothing new has spawned until now. The EP is still in the works and the completed LP is still in the waiting line for a mastering treatment. No new news in those fields.

There will be some new music released from me soon though in the form of a couple Japanese Relief effort compilations. I used to be in the US military, and I was stationed in Yokosuka Japan for three years. I lived out in the city and traveled Japan as much as I possibly could. I actually started writing my own music during this time so the country has always been close to me and in my thoughts. Right now my heart goes out to them. I am watching the unfolding events through NHK World and the military website Stars & Stripes.

I am submitting R010R- Pro-Right. An exclusive track that I created for the ill-fated Zero Demographic compilation. Then for another comp I have submitted the completed Advent Dawn track "A Portrait in Mind". Again, Advent Dawn is a project between myself and Ingo Beitz of kAlte fArben fame.

I was also inspired to create a brand new track due to all the emotions and my reaction to the events. Here is a WIP demo of what I am doing:

I will post more info and artwork for the comps when I receive more information.

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