Monday, August 15, 2011

Natures Revenge!

Well, it has been a shitty month or so. First the old PC from 2003 finally died. I have had to rebuild everything with a new motherboard-which is kinda cool because it is an upgraded system. However it was very difficult because my RAM was no longer the same and the new motherboard is all SATA when the old one was IDE. SO I had to change things around. Get some adapters. Also I had to buy a new copy of Windows XP-Because I am still using such an old copy of Cubase :P I like the work-flow, what can I say. Not like my music has been suffering even though i'm not using shiny new Ableton or Logic.

Anyhow, then it rained like hell this weekend and the studio flooded :O

All the gear was up high, so nothing was really damaged. A few pieces got wet and I am waiting for them to get completely dry before I mess with them. Overall I think it was damn lucky. The real drama was that I had allotted this weekend to get several projects done and I was unable to do so. Now I have to wait for next weekend because the basement is all musty and uncomfortable. Going to air it out and get it together during this week.

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  1. Yikes - hope it doesn't set you back too much. Sometimes trudging through a new PC setup can be exhilarating, though. Make the best of it!