Thursday, May 8, 2014

Announcing Brutalism

Brutalism was a reaction. The idea was function over form. Architecture in the raw. Wheras the preceeding architectural movement was "form follows function". Brutalism was huge slabs of concrete and brick. Monumental ideas in this hard edged realist interpretation.

This idea in architecture, artwork, and music has interested me for quite some time. How do you express this feeling. Unpolished massive constructs, filled with depth and weight. In my last EP I was exploring urban music styles. The idea was to use my understanding of EBM/Electro and then further explore the ideas and history of UK Garage and Dubstep music.

I feel that, like Brutalist Architecture, music has also had a splash-back reaction. Experimental noise, heavy bass, unpolished lo-fi, these styles of music have flourished since the period where most music was becoming over compressed, over produced, and overall fake- in my opinion of the use of Auto-Tune and basically stealing ideas from past era hit songs, polishing and releasing them as original compositions.

In the undercurrent there was a movement of heavy, realistic, and urban ideas. And this music speaks to me like nothing has in the past decade or so. Not so reliant on style, but about the construct and function. Raw techno, noise, ambience, heavy sounds, jamacian and dub rythms, polyryhthmic structures, massive synth crashes without a great reliance on melody and harmony. These are the rough ideas I am taking into creating this new album "Unyielding".

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