Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Metabolism and spirituality

The tracks are finished. Sent everything to the label for finalization. Lots of positive feedback. Very optimistic about this record. Next step, design some art, figure on some promotional ideas, and collaborate with someone on a video.

Art is not a problem. Honestly, I have been throwing together ideas for this since 2012. I just figured, when it was meant to happen. It would. That is my philosophy for most things. A wise dude once told me. Ask the universe for something, and it is inclined, it will give it to you. For the most part, this has always held true.

I dropped a collection of images on FB and I am in the process of uploading some of the older ideas to Deviantart. In case someone else what's to use them for something. I also put up all the manipulations I created for the Daybreak single. Free download. Hi rez. I just like to share.

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