Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recording Journal: November

Change of plans. The LP "End.Of.All.Reason" will be released early in 2010. I would have to rush things to get it done in time and I am still nitpicking little inconsistencies. Also Ingo is very busy with his own album, it will take him some time to finish the mastering.

So I have decided to release a digital single with 4 tracks much sooner. "DIST embodied", was a track I did collaborating with I, Parasite earlier this year. The single will feature a club cut mix and the LP mix of the track, as well as two b-sides. One was omitted from "End.Of.All.Reason", because of space, and the other is the final Noise Process track that I was putting together before the project went defunct. Completely rewritten and R010Rized..

This single will only be available through a special R010R site that I will announce when the time comes. Until then check out the new clips at: soillodge @ ning and gear up for more content and new releases as 2009 finally draws to a close.

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