Thursday, November 26, 2009

Progress Report Update

Updated Progress Report Listing:
01. the writers cage [100%]
02. acculturation problem [100%]
03. abstraction algorithm [100$]
04. shadow of a doubt [100%]
05. DIST embodied [100%]
06. this was escape [100%]
07. trust in decay [100%]
08. brilliant decline [100%]
09. idiom [90%]
10. dead pulsar [100%]
11. en force [95%]
12. suicide pact [100%]
13. a thousand year deceit [100%]
14. an uneasy respite [100%]
15. our collapsed star [100%]

Today I am working on re-doing the vocals for "en force", a very EBM influenced track that started out minimal and became very complex. I am going to keep it's complexities but I want to feature a very minimal EBM vocal approach and shorten the track considerably. I am already out of space on the album and I do not want to omit any tracks that made the cut.

The "DIST embodied", single is also coming along nicely. Ingo is mastering the 2 actual "DIST embodied", mixes and I just finished one of the B-sides, entitled "Resistance". Working on the final track right now, which at the moment is called R010R24. I title all my ideas by numbers before they become songs and adopt names. I am currently in the 40's with R010R ideas. 24 was made immediately after "Gradual Destabilization". It did not make the cut for the END album because I found upon reopening it that I lost all my drum kit sounds in an HD transfer. SO I am rebuilding the track from the scratch MIDI and the few WAVs I dropped in the folder. It is turning out even better than before. I am really happy overall with how this "Dist embodied", single release is turning out. More info very soon.

Here is a new desktop design for promotion of the LP. Low rez, dirty industrial, optimized for 1680 width screen to be used with a black background.

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