Saturday, August 29, 2009

Had to take a bit of a hiatus through the last couple months because of a family emergency. SO forgive me for losing track of what recording week this is. These past 2 weeks I completed a few more songs including "Trust In Decay", and "En-Force". I also placed a couple of new clips up at the soillodge website. At this rate the album should be complete and on it's way to be mastered by Oct. I also wrote and recorded a new Advent Dawn track with Ingo Beitz for the upcoming compilation "Sanity is Slavery". More info on that soon.

I have some ideas for the End.Of.All.Reason release as well. Digital and Physical package options. Right now though I am too scatterbrained to lay them out. I need to turn on the 360 and kill some "necromorphs" :P

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