Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recording Journal- Week six

I have been back in audio mode for about 4 days. I have chosen 15 tracks thus far to fill out the album. This makes it about 82min-but when I pull the tracks together to make the LP seamless I will take up this extra time. Preliminary track listing is:

R010R - The.End.Of.All.Reason
1• the writers cage
2• acculturation problem
3• suicide pact
4• dead pulsar
5• escape
6• DIST-embodied [featuring Christopher Jon of I, Parasite]
7• brilliant decline
8• untitled nine
9• abstraction algorithm
10• trust in decay
11• untitled ten
12• idiom
13• shadow of a doubt
14• en-force
15• our collapsed star

I am currently replacing some sounds and doing pre-mixes for en-force, escape, and suicide pact because they were written with some older synths and I wanted to bring the Virus B and some Reaktor ideas into the equation. Nothing has finished vocals yet, I still have rough placements set on the songs, which is why I have not uploaded any clips yet. I may just have to upload some instrumentals in the meantime, I just avoid doing that because I feel vocals and lyrics add so much more to a track. If anyone wants to drop some feedback on this, I would appreciate it.

Also keep in mind- the artwork I am posting in this blog are just ideas. I am not going to post the actual artwork-also I cannot do this effectively because the package will have textures that cannot be produced digitally, just like Gradual Destabilization did. There will be a great contrast in the final package though, because of my growing love of stark vector imagery and my ongoing fascination with photo-manipulation. The CD and package will be worthwhile to own and examine, and it will fit the music perfectly. Again it will be another limited edition printing, hand designed with a digital press and screen printing from Sire Press.

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